Blast Away Tough Dirt and Grime

Blast Away Tough Dirt and Grime

Use our pressure washer rental equipment in Eunice, LA and the surrounding areas

Do you need an effective pressure washer to clean your petrochemical facility? Is your business's concrete driveway or sidewalk looking a little grimy? Turn to McGee Equipment Rental & Sales for pressure washer rental equipment in Eunice, LA. We carry hot- and cold-water pressure washers that will clean your floors, pipes and exterior walls efficiently.

We also sell STIHL surface cleaners. If you need a pressure washer rental, call 337-457-4196 now. We offer pickup and delivery services.

Buy your own pressure washer

Are you looking for pressure washers for sale in Eunice, LA? Purchase a high-end STIHL pressure washer, along with attachments, parts and accessories from McGee Equipment Rental & Sales. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the right pressure washer for your needs and tell you how to operate it properly.

Keep your business grime-free by investing in a quality pressure washer. Contact us today to ask about our pressure washers for sale.